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This is what the 240 scene in America has turned into lol.

Yep, killing it hahahah

Jesus, what an idiot

Newer car generation is all about looks, not performance. This is why I get migraines.

Function over form is dumb, it indicates that you don’t care enough about the appearance of your car to do general upkeep and tasteful exterior mods just so that you can have a “functional” car. Functional is objective, so it makes no sense.
Anyways, the newer generation of enthusiasts have no desire to do research on cars, they want a car, they want info fed to them, then they want notoriety. Not all, but a lot. Who cares though. Live and let live.

Function over form does not mean that a person is not necessarily concerned with the outward appearance or upkeep of their car. It just means that the appearance of the car will be secondary to whatever the primary purpose of the vehicle is. Their commitment is to its intended role or niche, then to address the style. Can’t mount a duck-tail because it doesn’t provide sufficient downforce? Fine, settle the aero, then make it look good if possible, if not it’s doing what it’s supposed to and that’s that. See Amir’s 911. No rear bumper doesn’t necessarily look great (at least on a 911 IMO), but he’s not doing it for looks, he’s doing it because he’s trying to make the car fast. Many people feel that a car that is brutally functional is in itself fulfilling it’s form. It’s also not a mutually exclusive thing, at least from my perspective. I propose that we lump everything under function. The function may a certain kind of driving (ie. rallycross, drifting, time attack, whatever you please) but function may also be fulfilling an aesthetic. Regardless. Build your car however you want. Give no fucks.

X2 to what you said

I like both of you points. A healthy balance is good. But anyways. Really? 1jz half a motor??.. are people that dumb

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